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Almond Rum Cake 16oz

A great blend of almond flavoring, spice rum and fresh butter cake

Our Price: $20.40
Baby Powder 16 oz

Reminiscent of Johnson's Baby Powder scent.˜ (This is a revised of the previous version)

Our Price: $26.40
Banana Nut Bread 16oz

Bananas and walnuts baked into a warm bread.

Our Price: $21.60
Banana Split 16oz

Nothing like the smell of a banana split on a warm summer day. Imagine the smell of banana, hot fudge sauce, strawberry sauce and pineapple all mixed with a subltle notes of sweet vanilla ice cream

Our Price: $19.20
Bayberry 16 oz

A traditional blend of the bayberry tree.˜ Fir, balsam, and spices

Our Price: $22.80
Blissfully Blackberry 16oz

Sweet blend of blackberries and sugar

Our Price: $19.20
Blueberry Cobbler 16 oz

A top seller! Top notes of butter and blueberry with cinnamon and a˜sweet background

Our Price: $15.60
Butttercream Frosting 16oz

Vanilla flavored frosting with butter undertones

Our Price: $16.80
Candy Corn 16oz

A warm vanilla candy with top notes of butter and a slight hint of almond. This fragrance is dark in color.

Our Price: $22.80
Candy Crush 16oz

Have you ever played that popular game on your cell phone and wanted to take a big whiff all the delicious candies, well this is it! Sweet aroma of hard sugary candy with hints of cherry, orange and lime.

Our Price: $26.40
Caramel Apple 16oz

Big Juicy apple dipped in warm caramel with salty nuts

Our Price: $20.40
Caribbean Sunrise 16oz

Fruity blend of pineapple, coconut and mango takes you away to the islands of the Caribbean

Our Price: $22.80
Carrot Cake 16oz

A fresh baked carrot caked with nutmeg, cinnamon and nuts

Our Price: $22.80
Cherries In the Snow 16oz

sweet cherry mix with undertones of butter˜and˜brown sugar with˜roasted chestnuts

Our Price: $19.20
Chocolate Covered Banana 16oz

The sweet smell of fresh bananas dipped in warm chocolate coating

Our Price: $18.00
Chocolate Grahams 16oz

Aroma of dark chocolate with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla

Our Price: $20.40
Christmas Mulberry 16oz

A blend of pine and berries

Our Price: $26.40
Christmas Splendor 16oz

A blend of cinnamon, apple, orange and pine that gives great compliments to each other

Our Price: $17.40
Cinnamon Bread Pudding 16oz

A sweet vanilla creamy pudding mixed with cinnamon and warm baked bread

Our Price: $22.80
Cinnamon Grahams 16oz

A sweet and spicy blend of cinnamon, vanilla and hints of ginger and nutmeg

Our Price: $20.40
Citrus Spruce 16oz

A top seller!˜ Wonderful wintry blend of spruce trees and orange and lemon slices

Our Price: $19.20
Clove 16oz

the aromatic smell of dried clove buds

Our Price: $26.40
Coconut Milk 16oz

Fresh, sweet, coconut milk

Our Price: $26.40
Country Berry Hotcakes 16oz

Hot griddled pancakes topped with strawberries and blueberries and raspberries

Our Price: $19.20
Country Clothesline 16oz

Fresh clean smell of laundry on a cool summer day

Our Price: $21.60
Cozy Christmas 16oz

Baked cookies by Mrs' Clause

Our Price: $20.40
Cranberry Chutney 16oz

Scent of fresh tart cranberries with a touch of sugar

Our Price: $22.80
Cranberry Orange 16oz

Sweet and citrusy blend of fresh squuezed oranges and ripened cranberries

Our Price: $24.00
Creamy Nutmeg 16oz

BBW version of sweet vanilla cream and nutmeg.

Our Price: $19.20
Creme Brulee 16oz

Rich blend of vanilla custard and caramalized sugar

Our Price: $21.60